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August 19, 2011

Yoga for the beginner

by yogamaistro

Have you thought of getting into yoga yet for some reason never make it to  your first class? Maybe your doctor has advised you to lose a bit or weight as  your weight is effecting your health. Perhaps you suffer from back ache and feel  yoga would help ease your pain. However, despite your good intentions, you never  quite make it to yoga. Something always crops up and another day goes by.

From experience of teaching and talking with new students, there are several  factors you need to consider which will make it easier for you to get into a  regular yoga routine.

Five Things To Consider Before Starting Yoga

If you are serious about getting into yoga here are five things you should  consider before signing up for lessons.

1. Chose a Class That Is Near Your Workplace Or Home

If you wish to take up yoga it is better to choose a class that is on your  way home from work or near your home. In the spur of the moment it is easy to  sign up for a class. However if you are tired and the weather is bad it is a  drag to go to a class which is out of your way or involves a long journey. All  to often I hear from students who have had a demanding day at work and once they  get home find it a struggle to get up and go out again.


Chose a class which is on your way home from work. That way you reduce the  temptation of getting comfy at home and not wanting to go out again.  Alternatively, chose a class which is walking distance from your home. So, if  the weather is bad it is easier for you to walk to your class.

2. What Do I Wear? Do I Have to Buy Expensive Yoga  Clothes?

One of the most common questions new students ask is “what do I wear?”

All to often potential students feel they have to wear the latest designer  yoga clothing. This is expensive and the potential fear of this cost and the  thought they may not “fit in” if they do not have the “right clothing” deters  some students from starting yoga.


Yoga is not about what you wear or who designs your outfit. Yoga is about  getting back to basics and honouring your body. I always recommend you wear  loose comfortable clothing. Not too baggy as this can get in the way when  stretching and not too tight or small as this can restrict movement. A  comfortable fitted track-suit, leggings, and cotton t-shirt is suitable. After a  few lessons,i f you feel you want to make yoga part of your daily schedule then  that is the time to invest in some good quality, breathable and stretchy yoga  pants and top.

3. What To Eat Before Your Class

Yoga is about moderation and balance. If you are new to yoga it is difficult  to judge how much to eat, what to eat and when to eat before your first class.  Eating a heavy meal before your class will leave you feeling lethargic, bloated  and low in energy. When you are a busy mum, it can be hard to fit in family meal  times as well as going to a class in time.


Ideally, eat an easily digestible meal at least 60 minutes before your class.  Eat your meal in a quiet frame of mind, take your time to chew each morsel at  least 15 times. If time-pressed and have to cook family meals before leaving  out, try to cook a healthy snack or light meal for your family. Or even buy them  a take-away meal, if that makes it easier for you to arrive in time for your  class.

4. Negative Thoughts.

As a beginner it is easy to compare your self to others. You may feel you are  too old, too fat, stiff and flabby to do yoga. When you feel like this it is  easy to allow your negative thoughts to put you off going to classes.


Regular yoga practice will encourage you to develop a positive, loving  relationship with your body. Whenever you find yourself feeling low and  downhearted about your body shape, take heart, breathe and congratulate yourself  for making positive moves to improve your health and well-being.

5. Push Yourself Beyond Your Comfort Limits

I often see beginner and even more experienced yogis fall into this trap. In  an effort to get into the “perfect pose” or keep up with others in the room, it  is tempting to push yourself beyond your current levels of fitness. This can  lead to strained and torn muscles and a sense that you are not “good  enough”-which is not yogic or healthy.


Focus on your breath as you practice. You need to learn how to listen to your  body, and how to use your breath to guide you through your sequence. This will  help you to accept your current level of fitness and feel more at ease and  expansive in the poses.


In your desire to get into yoga, it is vital you observe the above  guidelines: make sure you do not strain yourself, waste money on buying  expensive new yoga clothes or eat a heavy meal before your class. Finally you  are more likely to maintain your practice if you chose a class which is easy for  you to travel to and slips easily into your everyday routine. Learning yoga is  the best gift you give to yourself. Be patient, take your time and listen to  your body as you practice. By following these suggestions you will find it  easier to get into yoga and form a solid foundation for continued  practice.

And now I invite you to find out more how yoga can help you reduce tension,  calm stressful thoughts and take care of worry, so you can relax and experience  calm and inner peace. Simply subscribe to my Free weekly Yoga Newsletter at and as a Special Bonus  you will receive your FREE Yoga Cook Book – Delicious Veggie Food Made Easy when  you join today.
Wishing You Peace and Light
Ntathu Allen
Yoga  Teacher, Author and Meditation Guide

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