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Yoga for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, there are thousands of techniques available, each claiming to be better than the other. Some techniques that actually work include exercising or counting your calories. Yoga is another such technique that helps in weight reduction. Yoga refers to the mental, spiritual as well as physical disciplining of the body that originated in ancient India. The goal of practitioners of yoga is the attainment of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. The practice of yoga is appropriate for any age group. Listed below are some ways that yoga helps you in losing weight.

The Power of Your Mind &Yoga

Utilizing the mental and spiritual side of yoga is imperative when you are trying to lose weight with yoga. It is necessary to gear your mind towards feeling better about yourself. Yoga makes you more susceptible to change. So, if you are thinking about losing weight, you will change the way you think about your diet and try to get rid of destructive eating patterns. Yoga provides the spiritual connection to the body that helps to make these changes.

Types of Yoga that helps you Lose Weight

The type of yoga needed for weight reduction is known as ‘Flow Yoga’. This type of Yoga is based on a series of poses known as ‘sun salutations’. Flow yoga is the popular, athletic type of yoga that ensures that you are sweat drenched and tired at the end of every session. Some popular types that you might try are

1. Ashtanga Yoga: This is a type of yoga that all beginners are encourages trying. You must join classes initially, but Ashtanga yoga is popular with the home practitioners as well. It is a vigorous type of yoga that encourages your body to shed pounds relatively quickly.

2. Power Yoga: It is a re-vamped version of the most traditional poses in yoga. These poses have been modernized to make these poses more lively, energetic and appealing to the modern generation, with an emphasis on fitness. Power Yoga techniques readily lend themselves to gyms. However, it is necessary to have a higher level of fitness and flexibility to practice power yoga. It is the only type of yoga where the entire routine must be learnt right at the beginning. Power yoga helps improves flexibility and movement. It ensures enhanced muscle tone and strength. It also flushes out harmful toxins and bacteria from your body.

3. Hot Yoga: This type of yoga is primarily the poses of ‘Flow Yoga’ performed in the ante-room. This type of yoga simply guarantees that you will sweat buckets during each session. This means that rate of weight reduction is quite high.

The Yoga-Diet Relationship

Yoga can impact dietary patterns in the following ways. Practitioners of yoga become more aware of their environment. They make better dietary decisions as they become a part of a healthier diet conscious community. Yoga helps people attain inner peace. Hence they are less likely to be stressed out easily and do not indulge in binge eating.

Doing yoga is not the fastest way to lose weight, but it is definitely one of the healthiest. More importantly, it helps tone your body and make it slim. And once you shed those pounds, they won’t come back!

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